domingo, 13 de fevereiro de 2011

There's no words to describe how special and unic you are for me , you're more than the only exception , you're more than everything , more than everyone. I can't explain how much thankful i am , since the begining you helped me in everything i needed and you gave me everything i asked for. I just love you so fucking much! you have no ideia how much you're special to me , in a year you became more than almost everyone in my life! I need you in my life , if you ever abandon me , i don't know , i would probably just die, because i can't live without your presence , without your smile , i need you more than everything! A lot of things may happen , but i will never forget all that we have been through , all the secrets , hugs , kisses and good times spent with you. Always and forever. T.

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